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Get one-on-one support and resources to help you manage primary immunodeficiency (PI).

This program is available to all patients and caregivers regardless of treatment.

MyIgSource: Answers and Advocates for PI patients and caregivers

When you sign up for MyIgSource, you'll have access to:

  • Insurance and financial assistance to help you understand your coverage and get help paying for treatment (if you qualify)
  • Emotional support from Patient Advocates who know firsthand what it's like to live with PI
  • PI management support from Nurse Advocates who can answer your questions about PI and treatment
  • Educational resources and tools to help you learn more about PI and stay on top of managing it

Start taking advantage of the program today.

Call 1-855-250-5111 or enroll here.

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Our Patient and Nurse Advocates can help answer your questions about living with and managing PI.

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