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Exercise is good for almost anyone—whether or not you suffer from a primary immunodeficiency (PI).

Exercise is good for the body and the mind, and can help reduce stress and anxiety too. Staying physically fit allows you to be in the best condition to manage your PI.

Exercise is important for those living with primary immunodeficiency.

Be a team player

It’s important for parents to encourage their child to participate in activities that involve other children of the same age. Team sports are just one example. But if your child cannot participate in a specific activity due to medical reasons (see below), perhaps they can try another.

Know your limitations while exercising

Know your limitations

Always ask your doctor first before you start a specific exercise regimen. People with specific primary immunodeficiencies should avoid certain kinds of exercise. For example, contact sports may be out for people with some types of PI, as can swimming in oceans or fresh water for others.

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